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In our individual companies / divisions we manage a wide range of projects and are involved in various interesting activities. Our current highlights:

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH
Franschhoek, South Africa
From 14th February 2011 until 28th February 2011 the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2011 took place in Franschhoek, South Africa. JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibition & Events GmbH organized for their clients a Transport of 2 x 40’Box Container, 2 x 40’High Cube Container and 1 x 20’Box Container and a back transport of 2 x 40’Box Container, 6 x 40’High Cube Container und 2 x 20’Box Container.

Altogether 74 motor bikes were transported per air freight. The total chargeable weight was 35.528 kg.

As always, JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH was on site to take care of our clients.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH
Personnel announcement
On 1st January 2011 Claus Pohl was appointed as further managing director of JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
Auto Expo New Delhi 2010
JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH was nominated from ministry of economy and technology as the offical exhibition freight forwarder for the german delegation / pavillion same
as for the past 4 years.

For this years AUTO EXPO 2010 in New Delhi JOKER Fellbach served 11 clients example Volkswagen, AUDI, Bosch, Continental, Schaeffler,
ZF Friedrichshafen.

Further JOKER Fellbach handled with a total volume of 1 x 40´Flat Rack with excess width, 58 x 40´HC Container, 7 x 20´ Container as well as 9 cars plus 53 tons airfreight to New Delhi.

6 JOKER Delegation was onsite in New Delhi throughout the set up and teardown periods to coordinate the freight in - and outbound and to assist the exhibitors with their logistical needs.

JOKER LOGISTICS Group GmbH, Fellbach
The Managing Director from Rakeb INT’L TRPT Co. visited
From 01/14 – 01/16/2010 the Managing Director Mr. Morteza Jamili visited our offices in Germany.

We have been working together very closely and successfully for about 8 years in the areas of exhibition logistics and air and ocean freight.

The collaboration is now working on the truck traffic to / from Iran, including the truck transit through Iran.
The new approaches and other topics have been further discussed at dinner at the home of Roland Mischke.

The new approaches and other topics have been further discussed at dinner at the home of Roland Mischke.

JOKER LOGISTICS Group GmbH, Fellbach
The Business Development Manager from Helka Exhibition Services Ltd. visited JOEKR LOGISTICS in Germany
From 01/17 – 01/20/2010 the Business Development Manager Mr. David Chapman visited us.

Together with Roland Mischke they visited 12 existing or rather potential customers in the region of Baden-Wuerttemberg.
In some cases, there are certainly opportunities to win additional business.

Existing customers have taken the opportunity to get to know more about the opportunities of our partnership.

Further information has been exchanged in a pleasant manner with a 5 course menu.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
North American Int’l Auto Show 2010
For the North American International Auto Show 2010 in Detroit, JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH again arranged transportation of the standfitting material as well as cars for several european car manufacturers.

Amongst our clients were AUDI, Volkswagen, BMW, Smart and Volvo.

In total 108 seafreight containers and 112 tons of airfreight were sent to Detroit, customs clearance was arranged and they were delivered in time for the show.
The volume for the return transport will be around 60 seafreight containers and 165 tons of airfreight.

Our clients were taken care of on-site during the whole build-up and tear-down period as well as during the show by several JOKER employees.

Like in recent years, JOKER Fellbach established an office directly at COBO Hall, where operations for the showfreight handling was situated.

JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH, Filderstadt
Renovation of the office at JOKER Filderstadt
The restructuring of JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH has not only been made internally also on office outfit which shows make JOKER Filderstadt now in a new brilliance.

The rooms in Filderstadt were renovated and partly equipped with new furniture.
The new kitchen and lounge, where many hours were spend together, also arranges a good ambiance.

The highlights are the photo printings on the wall which show several projects and shipments handled by JOKER Filderstadt. Nothing is left from the gray charm of the past.

JOKER Filderstadt is now also representing itself in the representative designed rooms as a modern forwarding agency, with a focus into the future.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
Event Logistics at Miami Beach:
Logistics for AUDI for the international media launch of the Audi A8 in Florida
In close cooperation with JOKER LOGISTICS USA, Inc., JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH has arranged the transportation and delivery by a flatbed truck of 21 sea freight containers and 21 tons of Airfreight to the international media launch of the Audi R8 to Miami Beach.

The specific characteristic of the event was the large temporary steel structure build for this event in sunny Miami Beach Florida; prior to the event area was a volleyball field, which laid directly on the beach.
The company Metron GmbH and CT Creative Technology GmbH, which assigned JOKER Fellbach the logistic part of the project, were responsible for the interior accessories/interior design and video technology.

Our services included the customs clearance, delivery at the event site
and unloading of containers.
In addition, JOKER Fellbach provided several 24'-foot flatbed trucks including personnel on-site labor for loading, unloading, fork lifts, aerial platforms, managed platforms and local customer care.

For this purpose, the appropriate permits for the customers have been submitted in Miami in advance to allow the deliveries and work on the beach.

Treckerpulling 2009
JOKER LOGISTICS USA, Inc. won the bid for this transport which was quoted to “Global Pieter Smit” in the Netherlands.
The racing team "Show No Mercy" from Zeeland, Michigan was invited by the organizer of the Pulling Tractor Race near Amsterdam to participate at the race.

JOKER USA organized the loading, export customs clearance, and transport by ocean freight in time. Also we got arranged that the container could be grounded and kept at the racing track until the event was finished and the tractor was loaded out in the container back to Michigan.
JOKER USA arranged the return by sea freight and delivery to Zeeland, Michigan also.

Now, JOKER USA will arrange the same transport in Mid January for the 32nd European Superpull Event in the AHOI Arena in Rotterdam in the end of February.

Attached is a picture of the loaded tractor with Name "The Black Widow”.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
BMW Event Miami 2009
JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, in close cooperation with JOKER LOGISTICS USA, Inc. shipped two 40' seafreight containers and several airfreight shipments to an event in Miami for our client BMW AG.

Our scope of services comprises customs clearance, delivery to the event site and unloading of the containers. In addition JOKER LOGISTICS USA, Inc. supplied a 24' stakebed truck for shuttle services to an outdoor event site.

We also organised permits with the local city officials to enable our
client to work and deliver to the beach area.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
EMO Milan 2009
JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH despatched in October 2009 once more the machine tool exhibition EMO, held in rotation in Milan this year.

Despite the fierce economic situation JOKER Fellbach was able to secure orders from 22 customers, such as EMAG, AMF, etc.
These were not only customers from Germany, but also shipments from Austria, Switzerland and India.
In cooperation with the JOKER LOGISTICS USA, Inc. a shipment from the U.S. was also despatched.

The total volume was 25 trucks per path, including several heavy transports.

JOKER LOGISTICS Group GmbH, Fellbach
JOKER Office opening & After-work party
After much planning and preparation, we were able to celebrate on Friday, 30.10.2009 from 15:30 clock a beautiful and successful office opening and after-work party with our customers.

The entire team of JOKER LOGISTICS Group GmbH, JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH and JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH was presented to the guests.

After a welcome speech by Mr. Mischke, the appearance of "Backblech" arranged as a highlight - they explained the relationship between man and woman very impressive for enthusiasm.

In this cosy atmosphere, the party lasted until the wee hours.

Afterwards we are able to say that the event was a lovely evening, which made it possible to get to know our customers better.

We are already looking forward to the next event!

JOKER News April-August 2009 pdf. 781 KB

JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH, Filderstadt
JOKER Filderstadt flew 5 armored Mercedes S-Classes to Jeddah
JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH was able to obtain a transport of 5 armored Mercedes S-Classes from Stuttgart to Jeddah per airfreight.

Eventhough, there was a short time frame, the JOKER Team was able to ship the cars (total weight of the cars was approx. 19 tons) to Jeddah in due time.

Once again, JOKER Filderstadt proofed their strength for big projects.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
Order for 20th anniversary of the German embassy
JOKER Fellbach got the order to ship 3 x 40' containers with material for an event for the 20th anniversary of the German reunification in the German embassy in Washington DC.

Amongst others, Volkswagen and the federal government of the state "Niedersachsen" are supplying exhibits and furniture for the party that took place on October 2nd in the embassy.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
Seoul Motor Show 2009
Once more is this year JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH chosen as the official carrier for the German consolidated companies’ exhibition by the IMAG on the Seoul Motor Show 2009.

Although, the awkward situation because the economic circumstance and some Fair participants cancellation, was JOKER also on 2009 able to assure important shipments.

It was shipped 12 x 40` Container in addition to multiple LCL and Airfreight to Seoul.
The total volume consist approximately 300 packing pieces with 149.500 kg and 496 cubic meter.

JOKER LOGISTICS USA, Inc., Detroit and
JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
Auto Shanghai 2009
Exhibitor and Fair logistic agent at the same time
This year was JOKER LOGITICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH active again as fair logistic agent for the Auto Shanghai 2009. Like in the last two years we covered the fair transportation for several well known clients, for example: Audi, Bosch, Lamborghini, Porsche, Smart, Thyssen Krupp, ZF Friedrichshafen as well as for all exhibitors from the German pavilion.

The transport volume was by outgoing transport 74 sea freight containers and 170 Tons airfreight and by return transport 72 containers and 106 tons airfreight.

In addition, organized JOKER LOGITICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH the transport for the materials for the construction of the stand for Audi, from Beijing to Shanghai and return. All deadlines were respected, due to a very exactly planning and closed work with our partner.

The particular this year was that we were Exhibitors for the first time with our own Stand on the German pavilions. At the Stand were all day 1- 2 colleague that provide information and answer the clients questions. With our stand we had a great response and interest from the business visitors – we hope that with this we won important contacts for new clients on the future.

Greater Los Angeles Auto Show 2008
JOKER LOGISTICS USA, Inc. handled once more the Los Angeles Auto Show for JOKER Fellbach which took place in November of 2008.

JOKER Delegation ensured on-time delivery of 80 Ocean Containers and over 116 tons of airfreight for car manufacturers like Volkswagen, Audi, Smart, Lamborghini and Volvo.

The Los Angeles Auto show is growing more and more important in the North American Auto Show calendar and is ranked second right after the NAIAS in Detroit which takes place in January.

Right after Los Angeles then, well, actually overlapping, work began on said North American International Auto Show in JOKER USA's home town. Volumes here even picked up over Los Angeles and reached 130 units of ocean freight and 150 tons of airfreight.

It is fair to say that no freight forwarder moved more freight for any of these two Auto Shows and that JOKER is clearly the market leader in North America's International Auto Shows.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events, Inc., Detroit:
Greater Los Angeles Auto Show 2008
We handled 80 container seafreight and 112 tons airfreight to the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show 2008 for JOKER Fellbach.
We were onsite to delegates from the USA and two delegates from Fellbach for two weeks, to guarantee a unproblematic action.

The Attended exhibitors were Audi, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Volvo, BMW, Saab and Smart.

License to conduct brokerage business
Despite tough economic times in North America, JOKER Detroit (MI) has reached in the months of October a record number of general cargo shipments in and out of Detroit Michigan.
We recorded 251 shipment which reflects a 40% increase in overall traffic over the same period in 2007.

Furthermore, as of 3rd November 2008 JOKER Detroit (MI) received its license to conduct brokerage business in the port of Detroit under the supervision of our VP of Customs, Michael Unsworth.

This provides us with the ability to provide customs brokerage as well as direct customs compliance control for our customers in house which translates into a true value added service for our customers.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events, Inc., Detroit:
International Manufacturing Technology (IMTS) Show 2008
JOKER Detroit (E&E) arranged trucking and value added services such as un-crating, storage, re-crating incl. the build of new seaworthy crates for JOKER Germany's customers exhibits at the International Manufacturing Technology (IMTS) Show 2009 in Chicago, IL.

This industry highlight and most important show in North America on the Manufacturing Industry's calendar challenged JOKER Detroit (E&E) with oversized and overweight permit loads from Baltimore Port to McCormick Place in Chicago in addition to the standard task of moving a lot of freight in a short period of time.

JOKER Fellbach moved freight in excess of 210 tons and 800 cubic meters inbound and - after the show - arranged returns by air and ocean freight, trucking to local US and Canada destinations as well
as seaworthy crating services.

JOKER Delegation was onsite at McCormick Place throughout the set up and teardown periods to coordinate the 15 truckloads in - and outbound and to assist the exhibitors with their logistical needs.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
JOKER LOGISITCS Exhibitions & Events GmbH takes over the Continental warehouse
Since August 2008, the JOKER Fellbach has taken over the warehousing for the exhibits of the Continental Automotive GmbH.
JOKER Fellbach provides for this function 1340 qm warehouse area, partial with high rack capacity.

JOKER Fellbach is arranging the appropriate package and bearing of the valuable exhibits.
The commercial handling of the incoming and out coming goods, will be also done by JOKER Fellbach.

JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH, Filderstadt
JOKER Filderstadt chartered one B747-700 Jumbo Cargo Ship
On 03.08.08 JOKER Filderstadt got the order from Gerhard Schubert GmbH, Crailsheim to charter one B747-400 Jumbo Cargo Ship from Schipol Amsterdam Airport to Auckland Intl. Airport

The Order was to move one complete Packing Machine to the Waitema Brewerie located at Otahuhu, New Zealand (Heineken Group).
This new designed machine is able to arrange the packing for 30 different beers/bottles to the East Asia market.

Due to the excellent timing of both parties we were able to deliver the machine two days earlier as expected.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
JOKER LOGISTICS involved in OLYMPIA 2008 for the project
"VW Olympia Showcase 2008"
The Volkswagen Group China is an official sponsor of the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing. All sponsors has the possibility to present their company on the "Olympic Green" to all Olympic visitors.
Volkswagen has tailored for this event a great adventure scenery with sculpture's of the Olympic Summer. JOKER Fellbach was responsible for the complete event logistics. The freight volume in total was 167 tons of airfreight and 14 container loads seafreight.
Special service of JOKER was warehousing the packages directly in Beijing for the just in time deliveries to the construction site.
JOKER LOGISTICS supported our customer with four colleagues on the construction site and in the office.

JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH, Filderstadt
Shipment of Alfing Kessler, special machinery
Beginning of June JOKER Filderstadt was requested to quote for Alfing Kessler for 3 machines, packed in 32 crates with a total weight of 170 tons via seafreight to Shanghai.
According to the L/C instructions the loading has to be arranged by end of June. Due to our longterm expertise in the project business JOKER LOGISTICS has been awarded to handle the shipment. The measurement of the crates (up to 11 m long and 4 m high) demanded the loading on 11x40`flat racks, 2x40´open top and 1x20´open top.
The precariage to Hamburg seaport has been arranged within 4 days with 15 special trucks. After loading on the flat racks the shipment has been transfered per barge to the loading dock. The shipment has been booked and shipped out to Shanghai on the 27th of June. That the shipment could be successfully completed within the requested time schedule according to the L/C instructions.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events Inc., Detroit
General Motors Tech World-Supplier-Show 2008
JOKER Detroit (E&E) has been organized local logistics for the GM Tech World at General Motors’ Tech Centre in Warren, MI for Standex Messebau GmbH and Continental AG, they are customers of JOKER Fellbach. General Motors is hosting a suppliers’ show once a year where suppliers and potential suppliers highlight their products in house at GM’s Tech Centre facility. The freight volume in total was 1 x 40ft container and almost 6 tons of airfreight.
Our services included domestic express trucking across the State of Michigan, supply of US standard pallets, cross-docking of freight in our warehouse and onsite supervision by JOKER Delegation aside from the “regular” delivery services.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events Inc., Detroit
Nissan’s Supplier Day 2008
JOKER Detroit (E&E) has cross-docked and delivered one 40ft container plus some 2.000 kg airfreight for a supplier event at Nissan in Farmington Hills, for JOKER’s customer ZF in Friedrichshafen.
Due to the restrictions by Nissan, delivery was only possible with 24ft straight trucks (which are comparable to Europe’s 7,5 tons of trucks). This challenged a big quantity of organisation skills.
Here as well, JOKER Delegation was onsite during set up and teardown to coordinate the delivery and pickup.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events Inc., Detroit
ZF Drive Event in Mountville
JOKER Detroit (E&E) arranged forklift and labor onsite at ZF North America Operations to offload the Karmann SUC Prototype Vehicle off a 20ft Ocean Container which came over from Germany.
In addition, JOKER Detroit (E&E) arranged for 2 x 53ft trucks with liftgate for displays and booth materials, one of which was designed to standby onsite to store empty crates during the event.

JOKER LOGISTICS (HK) Ltd. – Shanghai Rep. Office, Shanghai
Bugatti China Road Show 2008
After finishing the Auto China 2008 fair in Beijing, JOKER Shanghai arranged a long trip for the first Bugatti Veyron China road show with start 16.04.2008.
JOKER Shanghai arranged the transport from Beijing to Shanghai, Shanghai to Shenzhen and back to Beijing with Scania air ride suspension box truck, which are quite rare in China.
JOKER Shanghai provide on site support for loading and unloading. JOKER Delegation followed each station. The car is now at the Bentley Beijing show room and will be moved by the JOKER Shanghai team to Hong Kong later.

JOKER LOGISTICS Group GmbH, Fellbach
JOKER LOGISTICS supported the 33rd annual gathering of the church youth on 8th June 2008 in Weinstadt-Beutelsbach
On 8th June 2008 the annual gathering of the church youth of Württemberg took place in Weinstadt.The slogan: “We can do everything, aside from losing”, the JOKER LOGISTICS Group GmbH supports the church youth in Württemberg.
For this reason there arised a lot of great activities around the sports hall of Beutelsbach, among other things, 10 competitive challenges which took up the matter of the church youth walk.

JOKER LOGISTICS supports sport-boat „Helga B“
At the start to the UBS sport-boat Cup 2008 on 12./13. April in Kreuzlinen/Lake Constance (Germany).
The Beneteau 25 „Helga B“ was participant at the biggest sport-boat Event with mass-start in Europe. At the first real test after the winterbreak , the team could achieve the 19th place of 37 boats. Congratulations to the Crew of Armin Haug.

New York Auto Show 2008 & Auto China in Beijing 2008
JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events Detroit has handled one 40ft container and appox. 10 tons of airfreight import for the New York International Auto Show 2008 for their own customers as well as customers of JOKER LOGISTICS Fellbach. With supervision of own onsite staff, JOKER LOGISTICS Detroit has arranged for 7 x 40ft Containers and over 16 tons of airfreight back to Germany and onward to Beijing for the Auto China 2008.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events, Inc., Detroit
Conexpo Las Vegas 2008
JOKER Detroit handeled 23 Containers with booth building materials for JOKER Fellbach and their customer Display International for the Conexpo in Las Vegas. The Exhibitor is Liebherr.
In addition, JOKER trucked 2 x 20ft Containers which came out of the Detroit Motor Show cross-country to Las Vegas.
Another 40ft Container for ZF was en route. This unit was transloaded onto a truck in New York and delivered straight to Las Vegas with Team Drivers in order to keep the tight transit schedule.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibition & Events, Inc., Detroit
VW media event in Downtown Detroit
JOKER Detroit carried out the material logistics for the modification of a club for a media event, in line with the Detroit Motor Show 2008. Therefore 23.560 kg airfreight was transported from Germany to the USA. JOKER Detroit not only arranged the immediate customs clearance and delivery, but also organised the corresponding infrastructure, made available the pallet carrier, the working platforms, additional surfaces for charging and discharging as well as the appendant staff.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
Volkswagen Media-day in India saved
In addition to 133 tons airfreight, (incl. 29 vehicles) and 42 seafreight-containers, JOKER Fellbach made among other, an express-delivery for Volkswagen, for the Auto Expo New Delhi 2008. This consignment was a half-pipe, which was needed as a showact for the press conference at 9 January 2008.
On 7 January 2008 at 19:00 o’ clock, the express- delivery was applied at JOKER.
On 8 January 2008 the consignment has been picked up in Frankfurt and was aviated by Flash to New Delhi.
On 9 January 2008 at 13:00 o’ clock the consignment has arrived at the Volkswagen exhibiton-hall and it has been built up for the showact immediately.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
Auto Expo New Delhi
JOKER Fellbach had draw up 133 tons airfreight (incl. 29 vehicles) and 42 seafreight container for the Auto Expo New Delhi, which took place from the 10 to the 17 January 2008. JOKER Fellbach handled the consignment of more than 20 customers e. g. VW, Audi, Skoda, Schaeffler and Continental.

JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH, Filderstadt
Charter of an Antonov AN 124
For executing an offer for a company which produces robots, bomb defuser and special tools for the armee and the NATO, JOKER Filderstadt chartered a complete Antonov AN 124 in Filderstadt. The order contains the transport of four Mercedes Benz Vario and four Mercedes Benz G-class vehicles as well as four transport trailers from the airport stuttgart to Ashgabat/Turkmenistan.
Those vehicles were Mines-search-vehicles which are equiped with little robots, which detect remote-controlled mines and destroy them in the transport-trailers. The Ministry of National Security in Ashgabet/Turkmenistan was the receiver of the consignment which had a value of 4,6 Million Euro. The Charter for the biggest freight airplane for the civil air transport has been carried out from Lufthansa Cargo in order of JOKER Filderstadt. The loading at the airport Stuttgart was done through APRON GmbH.

JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach
Restructuring of the company in the USA and Greater China
Since 1 January 2008, the new grounded JOKER LOGISTICS USA Holding, Inc., contains three independent companies, which arised out of the business JOKER LOGISTICS (USA), Inc.:
General Cargo Detroit -> JOKER LOGISTICS USA (MI), Inc., Detroit
Exhibitions & Events Detroit -> JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events, Inc., Detroit
General Cargo Atlanta -> JOKER LOGISTICS USA (GA), Inc. Atlanta
The Rep. Offices Beijing and Shanghai has been allocated to the JOKER LOGISTICS (HK) Limited:
JOKER LOGISTICS (HK) Limited, Beijing Rep. Office
JOKER LOGISTICS (HK) Limited, Shanghai Rep. Office

Re-routing for JOKER Filderstadt
JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH, Filderstadt handled transportation of 19 cars in two planes to New Delhi. Therefore Lufthansa organized a re-routing of those two flights for JOKER Filderstadt: the two cargo planes which were originally routed Frankfurt - Hong Kong, flew first to New Delhi and afterwards to Hong Kong.

Transport of a prototype
JOKER LOGISTICS (USA), Inc., Detroit handled for a automotive prototype producer company a few international transports. At last JOKER Detroit transported prototype of Volkswagen Beatle Pick-Up from Detroit / USA to the customer's headquarter in Fulda / Germany.

Corporation in exhibition project
JOKER LOGISTICS (USA), Inc., Detroit and JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Fellbach handled together transporta-
tion to Los Angeles Auto Show 2007. The volume of transportation contained 72 sea freight containers and 133.372 kg of airfreight.

Personal Change at JOKER Filderstadt
Mr. Frank Troelitzsch is with effect from 01.01.2008 Branch Manager of JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH, Filderstadt. Mr. Klaus Voehringer retires at 31.12.2007.

Relocation of the JOKER Shanghai warehouse
After the first successful year of warehousing the contract with the booth builder was renewed for another year. As an expansion of the storage area was also necessary, JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Shanghai Rep. Office moved to a new warehouse in the North of Shanghai (Baoshang District). Now there's a storage area of 1000 m². After having signed the contract there was a little firework to salute the first of the 8 trucks and to banish the bad ghosts according to Chinese tradition!

Dubai Motor Show 2007
JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH handled transpor-
tation to 9th Middle East International Motor Show for the customers AUDI, Bugatti, Volvo and the booth builders of Renault and Skoda. The volume of transportation contained 30 sea freight containers booth building materials and 3 cars in the airfreight.

Veyron Launch in Hong Kong
From 12. to 14. October 2007 the presentation of Bugatti Veyron took place at three different luxury hotels in Hong Kong: the Repulse Bay, The Peninsula Hotel and the St. Andrew`s Place. JOKER Fellbach transported the two Bugattis and the corresponding Display-Stelen-Sets from Germany to Hong Kong and controlled on-site the buildup and the dismantling.

Transport of a pomegranate-juice-plantation with 21 truck-complete-cargos to Mashad/Iran
JOKER Filderstadt had been consigned in September 2007 with the transport of a complete pomegranate-juice-equipment in the furthermost east of Iran, to Mashad. For the comprehensive and complicated letter of credit a lot of accuratly prepared and accredited documents were necessary and the customer was very content with the service and the clearing of JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH.

Transportation of Bugatti cars to Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach

Within the annual contract with Bugatti JOKER Fellbach executed in August three orders at the same time and in close cooporation with JOKER Filderstadt and JOKER USA: The first order included transportation as well as construction and dismantling of the Bugatti Display-Stelen-Sets, which were stored in the USA. The second order was to fly a Bugatti Veyron from Molsheim over Stuttgart and Frankfurt to San Francisco for further carriage to Pebble Beach. The third order was a competition against time. A special customised Bugatti had been transported from Germany to Pebble Beach within a strong time target.

Perfect teamwork in group - Handling of a machinery removal from Tuttlingen to Taicang
A company from Tuttlingen opened a new branch in China, therefor parts of the machinery from Germany were sold to the Chinese location. JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH in Filderstadt could acquire the order for the complete transportation of the machinery from Tuttlingen/Germany to Taicang/China. JOKER Filderstadt handled the order in close cooperation with SCHMALZ & SCHÖN Eurocargo GmbH, Bautzen and with JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Shanghai Rep. Office.

Loading of 14 x 40 high cube containers for a huge steel company
JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Shanghai Rep. Office achieved his biggest individual order up to now: a local steel builder assigned the Office in Shanghai with the transport of 14 x 40’ HC containers from Shanghai to Antwerpen. The shipment comprised a total volume of over 150 tons / 823 cbm and it was already the fifth order which JOKER Shanghai arranged for this customer. In close cooperation with JOKER Filderstadt a Door-to-Door delivery was made, which included the unloading of the containers in Antwerpen and the delivery of the shipment as a Break Bulk Cargo to the site of the customer.

Transportation for Live Earth Concert to Shanghai
JOKER LOGISITCS Exhibitions & Events GmbH transported together with JOKER LOGISTICS Exhibitions & Events GmbH, Shanghai Rep. Office two "Smarts" to the Live Earth concert in Shanghai. The concert in Shanghai was part of the worldwide Live Earth concert marathon on 07.07.07.

Transport of a Mercedes-Benz SLR Mc Laren to Qatar
JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH handled complete transportation of a luxury sports car to Qatar. Therefore JOKER Filderstadt picked up the car at the DaimlerChrysler plant in Schlieren (Switzerland) and transported it in a closed car transporter to Luxembourg. From there the car was flown to Doha / Qatar. A sheik from Qatar bought the Mercedes-Benz SLR Mc Laren Edition 722 for 400.000 Euros. With 650 PS the car is able to reach a maximum speed of 337 km / h.

JOKER Summer Party during 2nd JOKER LOGISTICS Meeting
The 2nd JOKER LOGISTICS Meeting started on Sunday, 1st of July 2007 with the JOKER Summer Party. All members of the JOKER LOGISTICS group and partners of the SCHMALZ + SCHÖN Holding were invited to the summer party at the Pilum in Bad Cannstatt. The highlight of the evening was the performance of the Comedy Duo "Backblech en miniature"

JOKER USA opens office in Atlanta
Since 1st of May 2007 JOKER LOGISTICS (USA) Inc. has an office in Atlanta. General Manger is Mr Matthias Menck. The Atlanta office will focus on the handling of air and sea transportation.

JOKER Shanghai was able to win a Tender angainst French Competitors and handled transportation for the China Road Show of the "Orchestre Regional de Cannes"
From 19th until 28th of April the Orchestre which comprises 40 musicians was scheduled to do six performances in Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou and Suzhou, all within a 400 km radius of Shanghai. Approx 1000 kgs of musical instruments were temporarily imported from Cannes/France to Shanghai. After import customs clearance JOKER SHA arranged all the local transportation service for the equipment.

JOKER Shanghai transported one complete Losberger tent to Shanghai for AUDI Q3 event
Simultanous to Auto China Show 2007 AUDI had a special event on 19th of April for the world premiere of the AUDI Q 3. Therefore AUDI constructed a tent with the size of 16 x 52 meters at the bank of Huangpu river, submontane of the tv-tower. The media reported worldwide.The tent was transported to Shanghai in a 40'' seafreight container plus additional airfreight, temporarily imported and delivered. At the moment the tent is dismantled, packed and prepared for the way back to Germany via seafreight.

New York International Automobil Show 2007
Two staff members of JOKER USA were on site for the New York International Auto Show 2007, which took place from 6.-15.April 2007 in Manhattan, New York in order to load seven seafreight containers with booth building materials for Volvo and two containers for Audi. The on site team also ensured the smooth handling of 9000 kgs of return airfreight to Germany in record time.

CIMT Beijing 2007
Also during the 10th international machine tool show CIMT Beijing 2007, which took place from 9.-14. April in Beijing / China, one JOKER Project Manger from Fellbach and two colleagues from JOKER Shanghai were on site in order to monitor the move-in and move-out of 350 cbm seafreight, 5 tons of airfreight as well as 2 complete truck shipments ex JOKER Shanghai.

Seoul Motor Show 2007
JOKER Fellbach handled complete transportation of 14 x 40'' seafreight containers, 1 x 20'' seafreight container as well as 20 tons of airfreight to Seoul Motor Show 2007, which took place from 5.-14. April 2007 in Seoul / Korea for the customers Audi and Siemens. Two JOKER Project Managers were on site during the whole move-in and move-out in order to monitor the transportation, to co-ordinate the customs clearance and to care for the customers.

JOKER LOGISTICS established Limited in Hong Kong
On March 8, 2007 JOKER LOGISTICS founded the Chinese Headquarter: JOKER LOGISTICS (HK) Limited

JOKER Fellbach handled complete AUDI R8 transportation
JOKER Fellbach handled complete transportation for the AUDI R 8 presentation in Las Vegas. The shipment (25 x 20''-seafreight containers and 80 tons airfreight) was delivered from Ingolstadt / Germany to Las Vegas / USA. JOKER was on-site and organised workers, forklifts and managed a 1000 m² storage area.

„50 years documenta: archive in motion" – An exposition on its way through China
At the end of 2006 JOKER LOGISTICS Air & Sea GmbH received the order to transport the exposition "50 years documenta. archive in motion" to China.

JOKER Shanghai opens warehouse
The warehouse with a size of 820 m² was opened on December 01, 2006 and it is situated in the South of Shanghai. Already two exhibition customers have stored approx. 700 m³ of exhibition goods and booth building materials. The recently opened warehouse is used for permanent exhibition goods, but JOKER can also organise storage area for shipments under "customs bond" in the free trade area Waigaoqiao, in the North of Shanghai.